The Blunt Roll

The influence an article of clothing can bring to a community of chefs is extraordinary. Comfortable cotton denim with leather straps. It can actually block heat to keep your nether regions cool. It keeps your knives safe, as it turns into a knife roll. The best equipment, labelled to be worked hard. 

Tanya Kelly.

A woman who has experienced every corner of the culinary world, from the hot line to the front of house. Running a restaurant. Even opening a farm and growing produce. To find out more on how you can purchase an apron, please visit

Photos by
Chris Robinson

After witnessing a cook outside with a dirty white thin string apron half falling off, she knew what she wanted do next. To make the ultimate apron that can go through a 200 cover service and never get in the way. Why a knife roll and an apron as one? At the farm, butchers in their black long aprons would place all of their knives in their aprons, roll them up and pack them away. There it was. After making there first one, the name was made, rolling all the knives in a safe secure roll. 

The Original
The Outlaw
The Marco

Made for chefs, Tanya works hard to hand craft each order. 

It's a privilege to showcase the Blunt Roll.