The Wild One

Parkdale is changing and one of the major landmarks of that change is Parts and Labour, the brain child of Toronto locals, Matty Matheson and Castor. From being featured on Vice to contributing to building a renowned edge culinary scene for Toronto to be proud of, we are thrilled to introduce to you the wild one, chef Matty Matheson.



matty matheson

Chapter One



Coffee Machine

I’m a new coffee drinker. If I were to have new coffee, I would go to Capitol Espresso. My girlfriend has a Nescafé machine.

Home Knife

I have a bunch. Japanese knives. A Sabatier. A Bob Kramer, but I’m bad with this shit. I’m not a geek with stuff like that.


Where do you live?

Parkdale for life.

Favourite Gadget

I just bought a Macbook Air. It’s hype.


Neighbourhood Restaurant

Shout out to FBI Pizza. Shout out to Local Kitchen & Winebar. Porzia. I like to fuck with Bar Buca a lot. Danny is the best.

Favourite Cocktail / Beer / Alcoholic Beverage

I don't drink. I quit 5 months ago. but, if I did drink, it would be triple vodka lime. I was a sucker for Old Fashions with Wiser's.

Type of Coffee

Sam James. He’s my homie.

Breakfast (a typical meal to start your day)

80% of the time, it’s soup. Ramen or pho. I hate the “typical” breakfast. Sausage, egg, shitty greasy potatoes.

Where do you live?


For Life.”

Chapter Two




Levi's 511’s.

Boxers or Briefs?




No. I don't like people to know how rich or poor I am.

Dress Shoes

I have some fancy Red Wings. But if i were to go to a fancy wedding, I would wear black Docs.


I've got over 200 pairs of sneakers. I've got a lot of Jordans. I like the classics; Nikes, Reeboks, Adidas, Gazelles. I used to collect jackets. Then I switched over to shoes. There’s always new shit coming in. I own all these shoes, but I wear Vans Sk8 Hi’s 80% of the time. 


I have these blacked out Oakley M–Frame that are kind of hilarious. Frog-skinned Oakley’s. I don't like them on the face. I only wear them when I’m driving – or at the beach, or some shit.

Favourite Designer

FUCT is a fuckin G. John from Well Fed is amazing. I mostly wear hardcore band shirts. I’m a hardcore kid. I’m 31 and I still listen to hardcore and rap.

Favourite Shop

Town Moto. Marika Thoms and Andrew McCracken are two of my best friends. I go to that shop every day when I’m out on my rounds.

Chapter Three



Cologne / Perfume

No. I started wearing deodorant a few months ago.




I don't know; whatever my girlfriend buys me.


Whatever is in the bathroom.


The one that smells blue.


I hate this barber game in Toronto so much. It’s broken up some of my best friends of being friends. I get my hair cut by Dan at Town Barber. I get my hair cut by Jimmy at Crow’s Nest, and I get my hair cut by Shane at Bellwoods Barbers. I get my hair cut by 3 different friends at 3 different places, and I don't give a fuck.



Chapter Four

in the kitchen


What was the first restaurant you worked at and what kind of cuisine?

Le Sélect Bistro. French. I’ve only worked at two restaurants. Le Sélect, and La Palette. And then, I opened my own restaurant at 26. Self–made man. No mentor.


Kitchen Shoes

Whatever I’m wearing. It's weird, I have all the stuff chefs are supposed to wear. I wear
Sk8 Hi’s

Favourite Tool in the Kitchen

The one that smells blue.

Favourite Tool in the Kitchen


Favourite Ingredient

Pig’s head. 


Favourite Meal You’ve Ever Had

The best dining meal I ever had was at Per Se. 23 courses, half The French Laundry, half Per Se. 

Favourite Cookbook

St. John. Both of them. Or Stéphane Reynaud’s Pork n Sons.

Favourite Dish at Your Own Restaurant and Why

I dunno. I couldn't tell you. I change my shit all the time. I hate my food. A lot of times I’ll do a menu. A week after, I’ll hate my shit. And I have to keep it there for three months. But if I had to pick a favourite dish? Steak Tartare.  

Culinary Heroes, Culinary Colleagues You Admire

Lee Tiernan (St. John Bread & Wine) is a fucking psychopath. Derek Dammann of Maison Publique. Dave McMillan of Joe Beef and Martin Pickard of Au Pied de Cochon. Martin is one of the people I have been looking up to for a really long fucking time.

Culinary School

Humber. Two weeks before graduation, I dropped out. i went on tour with a band. 

Chapter Five



Who inspires you?

All of my friends, daily. Alex Snelgrove (of The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop) inspires me. Just friends succeeding. Friends doing their own fucking shit by their own will. My fiancé is at the top of her game, killing it at J.Crew.  She's the best.

Necessary Extravangance

I want a Rolex.

Favourite City

New York City.

Favourite Charity

I've done a lot of cooking for different charities. The Stop. Northern Alliance

Favourite Season

I like the seasons. I don't mind winter. This one was a bit weird, a bit depressing.

Favourite Movie Genre?

Matty Mattheson: Favourite movie? I like really dark movies. I love weird Swedish movies. I like "your life sucks, nobody wins" kind of movies. And then I like Dumb and Dumber. I hate horror movies.

Credible Rubbish: Wait. you like dark movies, but you don't like horror?

Matty Mattheson: Yeah, I don't like horror movies. I like no hope movies. I love that kind of stuff. No hope. Everyone dies. You're all alone. No hope. Check out Snowpiercer

Dream Car

I'm not a car guy. Lambourghini Countach. Let's get ignorant about this shit.

Favourite artist.

Ryan McGinley. I love his photos. I love Wes Lang's art. I grew up heavy into VIce Magazine. I was really into that style.

Favourite Band.

There's so many. Ladyhawk. Cro-mags. Waylon Jennings. Meradeur. Sick as fuck. Their album Master Killer is the best thing ever.  

Hobbies outside of Cooking

I'm trying to start up a clothing line, BSDD.

If you weren't a Chef, What would you be?

I love clothes. I love fashion. I would definitely be into that. 

How would you like to die?

In my sleep.

If You Were An Ice Cream, what Flavour Would You Be?

Triple Chocolate Chunk Fudge. My favourite ice cream is chocolate chip mint. I love that fake mint shit. 

How would you like to die?
In my sleep.

Photos by
Chris Robinson

Interview by
Brandon Gray & Dennis Paik

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Chris Baldesarra & Adam Zabunyan

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